A Life Filled With Fireworks and Rocks

Some people light up your life, others hold it together.

Logan Haney
3 min readJan 16, 2021

I firmly believe the people in our lives are as important as the ideas we hold, the actions we take, and the future we seek. Without the right people, it is easy for a life to flounder under the best of intentions. To make the most out of your relationships, you need your own collection of fireworks and rocks.

Fireworks Provide the Fuel for Life

The fireworks are the artists of possibilities. They show you the amazing moments that should not go unnoticed in a well-lived life. Fireworks can make you laugh until there are tears falling from your eyes. They might set up parties, invite you to concerts, or draw you the most beautiful picture. Somehow, they always manage to see life through optimistic lenses.

Without fireworks, life would quickly begin to feel dull. Fireworks are often the source of inspiration. Their ideas and projects give you the desire to create something unique, important, and beautiful. The presence of a firework can create a burst of energy within the most interesting parts of you.

Fireworks provide the spark that allows rocks to sustain.

Rocks Hold Steady Throughout the Process

While the impact of a firework is immediate, rocks thrive on consistency. The inspiration provided by a firework can be quite impactful, but a rock is often required to create lasting value.

The rocks in your world are the people that are always there for your most difficult needs. Rocks are the ones you go to when you’re struggling. They talk to you after a difficult day of work, help care for you when you are not at the top of your game, and adhere to a high standard of responsibility. Rocks are the people you can count on to always be on time for a meeting with the right set of notes and to take care of chores around the house without a second thought.

Rocks know how to get things done in a timely manner. They are a source of comfort when your responsibilities feel overwhelming. Rocks may be more likely to go unnoticed than fireworks, but their consistency is as important as the burst of a firework.

A Good Life Should Include A Few Fireworks and A Few Rocks

I believe life cannot be balanced without a few rocks and a few fireworks. Fireworks provide a fun reminder that life is to be enjoyed. They remind you that no matter how serious your problems get, you have a right to some level of joy, laughter, and optimism.

Rocks fill your life with a sense of peace. They remind you that they are there to support you mentally and emotionally. They are solid during the most difficult times and remain unfazed by long and challenging tasks.

Together, fireworks and rocks will help you create a meaningful life. They cannot remove the challenges you will inevitably face or make turn your life into the most wonderful dream, but they can make life better. That is something to be grateful for.