For a long time, I thought mindfulness was trying to squeeze the most out of each experience.

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It was somewhere around 5 years ago that I first became deeply interested in the power of mindfulness. I was midway through high school and my life was not where I wanted it to be. Somehow, I managed to stumble upon self-help articles and I discovered the process of meditation.

A good motto will remind you of what is truly important.

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When asked, I think many people would say their lives are largely a result of their habits and routines. These routines not only lead them to complete similar actions each day, but they also lead them to have similar thoughts. This is what human bodies are good at. They pick…

The person you are is formed by what you do when nobody is around.

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It’s often said that good character is displayed when we do good things with nobody around. I couldn’t agree more with this saying, but I think we can go even further than this.

Usually, we say good character is shown by doing good things when nobody is around because it…

Sometimes, the people that provide us the biggest challenges also teach us the most.

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In life, it’s often the people that challenge you the most that teach you the most about yourself and the world. In my 2 years of college, I have had many different professors but there is one that sticks out as the most difficult.

It was my first semester of…

Logan Haney

Current college student at SUNY Oneonta. Consistently in the process of self discovery and personal growth.

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