Some people light up your life, others hold it together.

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I firmly believe the people in our lives are as important as the ideas we hold, the actions we take, and the future we seek. Without the right people, it is easy for a life to flounder under the best of intentions. To make the most out of your relationships, you need your own collection of fireworks and rocks.

Fireworks Provide the Fuel for Life

The fireworks are the artists of possibilities. They show you the amazing moments that should not go unnoticed in a well-lived life. Fireworks can make you laugh until there are tears falling from your eyes. They might set up parties, invite you to concerts, or draw you the most beautiful picture. …

The power of simply being content.

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Life is crazy! There is so much going on. I’ll be praising the happiness I feel in one moment and five minutes later, I’ll find myself sinking into a sad rut. Within an hour, I can easily go through three to four different emotions. Each of them feels just as real and endless as the last.

Emotions are possibly the scariest force within this world. Nothing is as persuasive as your emotions. When things are going well, your emotions let you know how great you feel. You give yourself pats on the back and feel like you could do anything. Once life starts to get difficult, your emotions will make you feel like you’re trapped there. They will try to convince you that you won’t experience fun or joy again. …

The person you are is formed by what you do when nobody is around.

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It’s often said that good character is displayed when we do good things with nobody around. I couldn’t agree more with this saying, but I think we can go even further than this.

Usually, we say good character is shown by doing good things when nobody is around because it means you’re not doing it to increase your standing in someone else’s eyes. You’re being kind simply because you believe it is the right thing to do.

The question I would ask is: what if you’re kindness or lack of kindness in these moments were to become a self-fulfilling prophecy? …

Sometimes, the people that provide us the biggest challenges also teach us the most.

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In life, it’s often the people that challenge you the most that teach you the most about yourself and the world. In my 2 years of college, I have had many different professors but there is one that sticks out as the most difficult.

It was my first semester of college. I was just getting my feet wet in college life and one of my courses for the semester was an introductory composition class. I was never the best writer in high school, but I expected the class to be fairly easy. After all, it was just writing. Not advanced math or sciences. Not something that should be hard to understand. …

Appreciate the other species you cross paths with.

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A few weeks ago, most students from my school got sent home for the rest of the semester. As an RA, I am one of the few that still remains.

Living on a relatively empty campus has brought about many changes. The school consolidated buildings, meaning many of us had to move. Dining also moved buildings for the third time this semester. We also have weekly testing to prevent another spike from occurring.

Out of all that has happened, there has been one bright spot that I have enjoyed personally. …

It is simple, yet surprisingly difficult.

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For most of us, life is filled with goals, dreams, and desires. There are many things we want to experience and create. We may also have objects we hope to purchase and awards we hope to receive. These are all natural wants and there is nothing wrong with them, but can we find a goal that covers all the other goals? This goal will likely be different for everyone and may change over time, but it is good to know the general direction you want to head. That way you can course-correct if you need to.

At this moment, I find myself gravitating toward a phrase from Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory. He would champion the importance of “feeling good about yourself when you’re by yourself”. This feels like the goal that trumps all others to me. If I don’t feel good about myself without the praise of others or the need to attain something new, I am failing. True success is being perfectly happy with who I am in the moments when I’m sitting in thought or reading a book. …

This moment is just as valuable as the next.

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Recently, I have started to develop an interest in photography and videography. In essence, these skills are about capturing life as we experience it.

Through photos and videos, we can capture an experience, a group of people we care about, or a place that changed our lives. We capture the essence of what that moment was for us. It’s a pretty powerful ability.

Over the summer, I started to take pictures of the surrounding town. This interest faded toward the end of summer, but I found it coming back a few days ago as I was browsing through YouTube. The skill and creativity people have in their videos is amazing. You have one or two people creating 15-minute videos once or twice a week that have visuals and editing equal to that of a movie. …

Today, I wake up to the peace and quiet of an early morning.

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It’s 5:45 and still completely dark outside, except for two street lamps that light the paths to other parts of campus. I get up early, but usually not this early. Usually, I would find myself in bed for another 45 minutes or so.

I’m not complaining though. I have come to realize that early mornings can be some of the most peaceful and productive times for me. I get to sit here typing away at my keyboard, not yet concerned with the day ahead and what I have to get done. My mind is free of the distractions that make it hard to focus. …

Life is too short to spend it with people that don’t excite and inspire you.

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This semester I feel like I have finally taken steps to meet people that genuinely inspire me. Through high school, I coincidentally made a few inspirational friends that I’m lucky to still be friends with, but I feel like I never took the next step to reach out to others and put myself in a position to meet people I’m inspired by.

This year, I feel like I’ve started trying to meet those people for the first time in my life. I’ve decided that taking action is the best path forward. It may not work and I may feel dumb or regretful for a few days, but in the end, I will be glad that I took the risk. …

Each one of us is a novel writing itself in real-time.

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Each of our lives is a continuous story building on what has happened in our past. This means that things that happened in the past and the way we frame them in our minds affects how we live today. If you take a look through your day, I think you’ll find that a lot of the things you do are a result of the story and roles you assign to yourself.

I’ll use my life as an example. I wake up early most mornings because I’ve assigned myself the role of being an early riser. During my day, I usually have some form of class or homework. This is because I’m a student that does his work. I usually exercise and meditate at some point during the day because I have the mindset of pursuing better physical and mental health. …


Logan Haney

Current college student at SUNY Oneonta. Consistently in the process of self discovery and personal growth.

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